I was referred to this dentist by a co-worker.  Mind you I don’t live in Fairbanks however travel there frequently from Anchorage.  I hadn’t been to a dentist in over ten years and new it was way over due.  I was a little worried about what I might hear and how much it would cost.  Especially since I was honest and told them it had been that long since I had seen a dentist.  They could have taken me for lots of $$ but were very honest about what needed to be done.  In addition they were very fast.  I wasn’t waiting for more than a minute between seeing the Dr Willis, X Rays, Dr Willis, then starting my cleaning.  Well worth making time for on my next trip to Fairbanks for my cavity to be filled.  Dr Willis and her staff are very friendly and had a light hand for my cleaning.  A far cry from the torture chamber, dentists are known for.  Also as a added bonus!  Dr. Willis and her staff are very easy on the eyes.

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