dental-technology2With the advancement of new dental technology over the past decade, Fairbanks residents have never had better access to care. Here are just a few of the ways Spruce Roots dental procedures can transform the way you access dental care:

New Cavity Technology
Did you know that some cavities are so microscopic, that they may not even be identifiable during a clinical exam or on an x-ray? Digital cavity recognition allows new dental technology to pinpoint weak enamel before a cavity has become extreme. This also keeps your cost of care down, thanks to more conservative treatment options.

Hard and Soft Tissue Lasers
Utilizing lasers in dentistry has altered the way practices like our Fairbanks office are able to care for our patients. This technology makes complex procedures become less invasive and more comfortable.

For instance, soft tissue lasers can be used to treat problems such as:

  • Cold sores and ulcers
  • Snoring and sleep apnea
  • Periodontal disease (gum disease)

Other types of laser technology can even be used for treating cavities. Drill free fillings are commonly completed with the use of hard tissue lasers, eliminating the need to numb patients during their procedures. Laser fillings also minimize the amount of healthy tooth enamel removed during the procedure.

Digital Imaging
3D CT imaging technology is now nearly a “routine” service when it comes to complex treatments such as dental implant placement. Computer guided procedures ensure optimal results with little need for more complex treatments like sinus lifts or bone grafting.

Experience the Difference
Our Fairbanks dentist is committed to using oral health innovations that improve your quality and efficiency of care. Find out how new dental technology can improve your smile by calling Spruce Roots Dentistry today!

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