If you find yourself in the dental chair discussing a tooth that needs to be repaired, then you might encounter a tough decision about your dental care: does the tooth need a filling or a crown? Whether the tooth is cracked or it has a big cavity, it is important that you are proactive with your dental treatment to repair the tooth and prevent future dental problems.

The difference between dental crowns and dental fillings

Before you make the decision to have a crown or a filling, you should discuss the two treatments with your cosmetic dentist. A dental filling is a repair that can be completed within the boundaries of the tooth, surrounded by as much of the natural tooth structure as possible.

But, if a large section of the tooth is missing, then it might be better to use a dental crown instead. Placing a crown on the tooth can be beneficial to stop the cycle of tooth decay and protect the natural tooth structure that remains.

Do you need a crown?

Your dentist can make a recommendation based on your individual situation, to help you choose the best treatment for your tooth. These are some of the situations that might merit the application of a crown instead of basic dental fillings:

  • The tooth is weakened or cracked
  • If the tooth has a deep filling under the gum line, which could potentially leak in the future
  • The appearance of the decayed tooth causes embarrassment for the patient
  • Back teeth with root canals are usually weak and require a crown for support
  • The tooth is worn down because of grinding or clenching
  • If the filling would cover more than half of the surface area of the tooth

In situations where a large portion of the tooth has been broken or destroyed, there are limitations in the way a filling can be used to repair the tooth. Sometimes, patients choose to have a filling when a crown is needed, because the filling is a cheaper option. But, large fillings might cause bigger dental problems in the future. So it is best to choose the most effective treatment, instead of making your decision based on price alone.

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