replacing dental crowns in Fairbanks, AK creates a strong smileIt would be a dream come true if you could have a tooth repaired and never need to worry about it again. The sad fact is, dental restorations wear out. Dental implants are the only type of restoration that can repair your smile permanently, and obviously they aren’t the best choice in many cases.

Forces of Nature: Wear and Tear on Your Teeth

Temperature changes and pressure over the years cause teeth to compress and expand at different rates from the filling material. As a result, a tooth can become stressed after many years of holding a filling. Tiny fissures can develop and allow decay to creep in around the filling, compromising the tooth.

Dental crowns can cause wear on the opposing teeth.  Additionally, if a crown has aged significantly, it can fracture on something as simple as your favorite crunchy snack.  Particularly prone to chipping, are crowns and fillings on front teeth.

Grinding or clenching your teeth puts a lot of undue stress on your teeth as well. If you’re waking with a sore jaw, please come in for a consultation and let us find a solution to preserve the integrity of your teeth and restorations.

Battles with Bacteria

As long as there is some natural tooth structure remaining, that tooth will always be at risk for decay. Dental restorations provide a tight seal, but nothing is as solid as your natural tooth. Obviously, oral hygiene is incredibly important, because the small margin between the filling or crown and your natural tooth is prone to harboring bacteria that can cause cavities.

Unfortunately, cavities can develop at the edges of a crown or filling and grow long before you experience any discomfort. It is challenging to get a complete picture of how far decay has progressed under a filling or crown, even with an x-ray. Replacing older restorations allows you stay on top of any sneaky cavities that may have gotten in over the years, before your tooth degrades further.

Cosmetic Dentists in Fairbanks Who Are On Your Side!

The team at Spruce Roots believes that you play an important part in getting the full benefits of your dental restorations. We are passionate about helping you enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile throughout your life. This means using only the latest dental technology and most conservative techniques to keep your smile as natural as possible. If it’s time to replace your fillings or dental crowns, our Fairbanks, AK team of professionals is here to help.

Call Spruce Roots today to find out more about how updating your restorations can maintain your healthy smile for years to come!

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