Cosmetic Dentistry at
Spruce Roots Family Dentistry.

Dr. Willis and her team believe that everyone deserves to feel good and confident about their smile. In this day and age, there are so many more options in cosmetic dentistry that not only allow you to have the smile you’ve always wanted or spruce up the one you used to have, but to also function like your teeth are suppose to. Dr. Willis and her team will work with you and often other dental specialists to create a smile you can show around Fairbanks.

Why Choose Cosmetic Dentistry?

When you have discolored, chipped, broken, or missing teeth or you would like to simply freshen up the appearance of your smile there are some great cosmetic options for you to choose from that Dr. Willis and her office can help you with.

Choosing the right cosmetic dentist in Fairbanks can be difficult, but you can trust that our exceptional services, competitive fees, and detailed dentist will exceed your expectations and provide you with the results you’re looking for.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services.

Some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures we perform at
Spruce Roots Family Dentistry are:

Tooth Whitening

Many things affect the color of our teeth—aging, smoking, food and drink, and some prescriptions can cause yellowing or graying. Tooth whitening is a non-invasive process that will reduce the stains and discoloration on your teeth. There are several ways we can whiten teeth. Our team at Spruce Roots Family Dentistry can help customize the right tooth whitening needs for you.


Veneers can be used for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have a chipped tooth, want to close the gap between your teeth, or want to have a straighter smile without going through braces? Dr. Willis will help you choose which option is best for you.

Esthetic Crowns

Do you have black or gray lines around the gum line from existing porcelain crowns? Have you looked in the mirror and realized none of your teeth are the same color after multiple crowns or bridges? New technology has allowed us to use different, more esthetic materials to create a beautiful, natural smile.


Implants can be a nice alternative to a bridge if you are missing one or a couple of teeth. Instead of cutting down unnecessary teeth to support a bridge, an implant can be more conservative in replacing that one or two teeth. If you are missing multiple or all of your teeth, you might opt to have long-lasting implants surgically placed that will allow greater retention and a more natural feel to your prosthetics.