What is a Nightguard?

Because of an imbalance in the natural position of your jaw bones with your muscles and the teeth, we can get multiple symptoms that can be protected or prevented by a night guard or occlusal splint. The occlusal device allows your jaw joint and muscles to function more smoothly. It will allow the jaw to position itself to reduce this imbalance and therefore reduce and/or prevent muscle spasm, clenching habits, jaw/joint pain and tooth wear and fracture.

Why Choose A Nightguard?

Have you had extensive dental work that includes multiple crowns, bridges and/or fillings? Have you had a previous jaw injury or incident that lead to popping or clicking in your jaw joint? Do your jaw muscles ache, feel tired or your teeth don’t seem to come together like they used to? When you have chipped, cracked or broken teeth you likely have what dental world calls “Cracked Tooth Syndrome” or “Occlusal Disease”. Dr. Willis and her office can help you with this by prescribing and fabricating you a custom fit nightguard or occlusal splint.

Choosing the right nightguard or occlusal splint in Fairbanks can be difficult, but you can trust that Dr. Willis will help you customize the design of your nightguard to your needs.

Our Nightguard Options.

  • Hard Acrylic
  • Hard/Soft Acrylic
  • Soft Acrylic