Are you unhappy with the current shade of your teeth? Do you feel the need to hide your teeth when you smile? If so, there are options for you. At Spruce Roots Family Dentistry, we understand that your smile is a huge part of your appearance, and we want you to have the self-confidence you need to show it off. That’s why we currently offer professional teeth whitening in Fairbanks.

Because so many people want to have whiter teeth than the ones they currently have, there are several teeth whitening methods, from over-the-counter solutions to direct-applied, in-office treatments. The question is: do they all really work? At Spruce Roots Family Dentistry, we only provide tooth whitening solutions that provide real results time and time again.

Teeth Whitening Options.

Once you express an interest in our teeth whitening services at Spruce Roots Family Dentistry, Dr. Willis will meet with you to help you decide on a teeth whitening procedure that will be perfect for you. You have the opportunity to choose between the following professional teeth whitening methods:
  • Take-home custom trays
  • Successive in-office treatments
  • Single appointment in-office treatments
Depending on your budget and which method of teeth whitening would be most convenient for you, Dr. Willis will suggest a method that works for you.

You might have heard that teeth whitening procedures cause tooth sensitivity and tooth weakness. Because Spruce Roots Family Dentistry is aware of that possibility, we ensure that we treat your teeth with enamel-strengthening solutions. Additionally, we typically provide our patients with various supplements, which has been shown to decrease tooth sensitivity.

When you come into Spruce Roots Family Dentistry for tooth whitening, you can rest assured that we will give you the very best treatments that will create results you won’t be afraid to show off to anyone and everyone. To get back the confidence you used to have in your smile, consider teeth whitening.

Whether you would like to schedule an appointment with our office or just want more information about our teeth whitening procedures, call Spruce Roots Family Dentistry today!